NQ Travels with Max

My best mate, Max
Max looking cool, calm and collected.

You just have to love North Queensland in winter. Especially if you are normally spending winter in Armidale in New South Wales. The normal night time temperature differential is somewhere north of 25 degrees warmer… in North Queensland

Needless to say it is quite comfortable “Wintering” in North Queensland.

This trip has been in the works for quite a while now. From right about where is never got above 10 degrees during the day in Armidale.

It was a brisk morning as we headed north out of Armidale. I think the overnight temperature had plummeted to -6. Yep that is a below zero number, and a pretty good motivator for this northward pointing odyssey.

Just myself, Max and the bike off to the warmer climes for a brief getaway.

We got all of about 100 kilometres and Max made it very clear he needed a comfort stop.

First stop for Max on our NQ Trip
Only made it to Glen Innes before Max decided he needed a comfort stop.

Just to be different from all the other times travelling north, we are going up through Toowoomba via the Gore Highway. Tonight we are aiming for a little town called Gin Gin in Queensland. In particular we are going to be parking up overnight in the rest area just north of the town on the Bruce Highway.

A bit of a long haul today of around 9 hours, give or take a few minutes.

The next day is around the same again as we continue north towards the top of Queensland. Our aim for the day is to get to Rockhampton for a quick visit with relatives and then on up to Marlborough about 90 kilometres and turn left.

This will take us up the old Bruce Highway. Notorious for murders and disappearances, along with all manner of weird things back in the day. See here for more.

The last time I drove this road, it was the only road up this way.

Camp site at Lotus Creek Central Queensland
Camping at the old Lotus Creek Service Station site in Central Queensland.

I could remember some of the sights and old abandoned service stations and rest areas. We pulled and stayed overnight at the Lotus Creek service station. One of the local farmers was in the process of rescuing the site for a tourist overnight stop. Turned out to be great night stop as it was very quiet and very dark. Great for stargazing.

Along the way we discovered some unknown history of the area with a link to the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956. A memorial erected by the Mackay City, Broadsound Shire and Rockhampton Shire Councils in November 2001.

Olympic Torch Memorial, Lotus Creek Central Queensland
1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, torch relay passed this spot on the 12th November, 1956.

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